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Specialist of the online sale of gold mirrors, set up near Montpellier

Restorator of ancient mirrors and frames, set up in the south of France (Montpellier region), near international antique depots of antiques, such as Montpellier- Fréjorgues (Cipolat), Béziers and Pézenas.

Our main activity is applying metal in leaf form (gold, silver, palladium, copper) onto various types of material (stucco, wood, metal), using different techniques (in tempera or blend), for indoors or outdoors. Our activities range from the restoration of XVIIth century gilded wood to the creation of modern marble headstones, frames and gilding on forged iron.

Our catalogue includes restored items, as well as new items created in the ancient tradition, finished according to the client’s specifications (contemporary, romantic or ancient patina). Embellishments such as pediments, volutes, hansas and other reliefs enable us to create unique models; other services include creating custom, purpose built frames for mirrors or paintings.

We work with specialist antique delivery transport services, available to deliver across the whole of France as well as abroad.

We also offer training for people interested in the art of gold leaf, available in 3 types of courses, which are aimed at professionals and amateurs alike.



Where does gold come from? Or the nucleosynthesis...

In outer space there are clouds of interstellar matter which by a disturbance (nova explosion, passing of a star..) tend to condense, this condensation makes the matter merge, which then blows up and disperses into space its heavier elements (gold but also iron, oxygen, carbon..).
The birth of a planet is due to these elements becoming condensed by snowball effect.

For a more detailed, scientific explanation click here.



From gold bars to gold leafs

Used by men since the Vth millennium BC, notably for the manufacture of his most sacred objects, gold is a precious and rare metal. From the first currencies and primitive statues to modern gilding, its use has evolved considerably through time. Its trade remains however a rare practice which requires great skill.
You’ll find here a link to a detailed history of gold leaf, and here the website of a gold leaf maker (gold-beater).

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